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sourcing | development | production apparel

Blueprint-Lab is an international fashion consultancy specializing in finding valuable sources, strategic product development and production solutions for the apparel industry. With over 15 years in the fashion business, our role emphasizes on managing, developing and implementing all product management activities to ensure that the level of outcome of a specific product is maximized.

We fully coordinate the development and production of an apparel range to create an end-product which is coherent with the objectives set by the client concerning positioning, target audience, vendor base, pricing, margins and quality standards.We consistently monitor global fashion markets and international trade activity to identify new techniques, materials and vendors along the way.

Wether it concerns a startup or established brand, we will enable your vision to succeed. Our company is based in the heart of the fashion industry - Florence, Italy. We specialize in a high quality product using valuable development and production sources based mostly in Italy and Portugal.



  • Finding valuable sources in Europe (mainly Italy and Portugal)


  • Budget creation for development and production 


  • Collection range planning  

  • Strategic production planning


  • Follow-up on complete product development cycle from sketch 


  • Follow-up on complete production cycle 

  • Creation of short and long term sourcing strategies


  • QC checking in development and production stage


  • Key dates and T&A calendar creation 


Hannah has excellent technical skills and a drive for perfection,

which makes her a great asset for any team she is working with.

She is very detailed, responsible, trustful and above all a really great person to work with. She inspires everybody around her by her endless motivation, her optimism and her vast knowledge and skill set.

I was fortunate to have been able to work with Hannah during my time as a Creative Director for Karl Lagerfeld and I can highly recommend her.

Kristina Szasz

Currently Group Vice President Women`s Design Abercrombie and Fitch

January 5, 2017

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